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The alley side

Chad Fabry

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I see those here a lot in the older Seattle neighborhoods.

Cedar shingles used to be king here; hell, Kenmore was founded by a guy that started a shingle mill and got rich. It's not uncommon to find old bungalows here with comp roofs where the roof is sagging at center span; and then to go into an attic and find yourself looking at the underside of a cedar shingle cover over skip.

It was once normal for roofers to cut back shingles at the perimeter of roofs, nail on some some 1 by 10 material and then roof over; but most roofers doing roof-overs here omitted the 1 by 10 banding step and just went over those covers with comp again and again.

Chad, was that cover slipping? I've had them where there were so many layers that the roofing nails used never penetrated to the cedar deck and were only hitting previous layers of asphalt. When that happens, gravity takes over and the covers start to sag and slip.



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Here is one from a few years back. It had the cedar shingles / shake on the bottom with about 6 or 7 layers of asphalt on top.

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I had one like that several years ago. I was able to push a 2" roofing nail all the way down with just my thumb and still didn't hit the cedar shingles beneath it.


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My house came with 2 layers (at least) of 3-tab over cedar shingles. During the first 14+ years we would occasionally lose a section of shingles on the weather side slopes to wind storms, which resulted in some leaks and various repairs...some of them very, very stop-gap. At one point you could actually see the silver repair tape from space! Because we knew we were eventually going to remodel, we held off until then...with fingers crossed every time the wind blew hard.

The picture is from 2006 when the whole roof finally got replaced during the remodel. Hard working crew!

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