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Seeing as how the tiny, unincorporated burg of Toad Suck is only about an hour from me, I thought I'd share a related story. There was a perv several years ago from that area who had a predilection for sucking women's toes. He'd accost young women in malls or parking lots and offer to suck their toes. No actual sexual assault occurred.

Not surprisingly, the local press dubbed him the "toe suck fairy."

Strangely, some women only complained AFTER they let him suck their toes...

I can only assume that if he'd actually bought them shoes it would have been OK.

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Great story..

"I have been to Belchertown, MA" many times.. There is a 'gin mill' there called 'The Gin Mill".. You are in/out of Belchertown in about ..oh... 2-5 seconds.. There's a bridge. a river... tenements and despair.. I pass thru when I go to/fro to my kid's college in W. MA..

Reminds me of a comedic sequence of the late great George Carlin where me mentions 'Frog Balls, Arkansas' in one of his routines on his last CD..

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I've done inspections in Intercourse - also in nearby Blue Ball and Virginville, PA.

When driving back and forth to school in Virginia, I'd pass by Climax.

On trips to the UK, I've been to Buttock, Shitterton, Scratchy Bottom, Loose Bottom and Lickey End.

I'm not making this up.

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