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Include Altercation with Agent in my Report?

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I was told by my client's real estate agent that I should not talk to the Sellers during my inspection. I was then told by my client's real estate agent not to talk to any of the tenants after I had a asked this guy how long he'd lived in the building and whether he owned the kitchen appliances.

This led to heated exchange between me and the agent. There was another altercation after I ran the washer and dryer without permission.

The Sellers were elderly, maybe in their eighties, and seemed like very nice people. However, they had about 1/2 dozen family members around who seemed pretty pissed that I was even in the building.

To say the least, it was a very stressful inspection. When I finally got to inspect the unit where the Sellers lived I was rushed through it by the agent.

The buyer who is a very nice woman was also very stressed out and pretty bummed by the whole situation. Her agent is her relative so she was kind of stuck in the middle of all this.

Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone would put this in their report, vs. just writing it in an e-mail to my client, explaining why I may have done less than a thorough inspection because of their agent.

I will say that at the previous inspection I did for my client, which fell through, I also had a mild altercation with the seller's real estate agent. So I certainly understand why I was not getting a lot of love from the buyer's agent, and I have the feeling that my reputation may have preceded me to all involved.

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I would have told her to go sit in her car and explained that once I put foot on site to do an inspection I'm in charge and she is nothing but the door opener. If she didn't want to comply, I would have turned to my client and told the client that she/he has a choice - tell the agent to go someplace and park it or I was going to leave.

Done it a few times and it worked surprisingly well. Came real close to walking off one job but the client asked me to stay. The agent was so pissed she ordered me off the site. I refused and just continued on doing what I do. When a cop arrived half an hour later after the agent called the police when I wouldn't leave, I explained it to the cop. He looked at the agent and said, "Why don't you do as the man says. Go sit down and let him finish his work?" She went to her car and fretted for the next few hours while I took my time and did my usual job. Never heard from her after that and I'm glad of it.

As far as I'm concerned, when I arrive on site I am in charge - not the agents. I don't take direction from them. I warn clients up-front on the home about how long I'm going to be there, tell them I need full access and I warn them that I won't tolerate their agent badgering me to know how much longer I'll be within fifteen minutes of the time I told them was the least amount of time I'd be there.

Over the years, agents have learned to stay out of my way. Most of them don't refer me and I don't expect them to and those who do refer me know the rules.

For you guys in Washington State; when an agent tells you it is illegal for them to leave you alone with a client, call B.S. on that. I brought it up at the quarterly board meeting a couple of weeks ago and the folks from the real estate division at Department of Licensing told me it's a blatant lie - there's no requirement in law for them to hang around. The rule was made by the MLS - a non-governing body which not all realtors are members of. When an agent starts with that "it's illegal" just tell them it's not, that it's an MLS rule, and instruct them to go sit in their car and read a book or make appointments or.....

It works for me.



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Only once and I'm quite sure I said it more diplomatically at the time it happened but it was similar to:

Piss off. The contract gives the client the right to inspect. The client hired me to do the inspection. Do you want to violate the contract and have me or the buyer file a complaint with the real estate commission about your interfering with the inspection and the buyer's rights under the contract. Perhaps you should just go call your broker.

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My take is somewhere similar to Erby's, only no threats...nice and polite

I take my camera, switch it to video, announce and tell everyone what I'm doing, then video the realtor while explaining I'm going to do the inspection without her interference, then ask if they understand. All real polite, but firm.

Most of them just stand there looking stupid. A few stammer out a few yelps, but that's about it.

I don't put that stuff in the report. I'd rather have it on video.

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I included in the report that I was rushed through the seller's unit.

Just to be on record, I'm sending an email to my client going over what happened and my disappointment with their agent.

I sent off the report and a short letter about the situation. I received a nice reply. The agent is my client's relative which I know makes things tricky for her.

Hi Mike! this is (client).

I told (my husband) what happened during the inspection and we both agree that (my agent) is the problem. (My husband) has not been satisfied with her from day one and if she doesn't get her act together, she will be gone. We are very pleased with your work and we plan to use you when ever we need an inspection. I am also recommending you to others.

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