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$78M Estate - Flathead Lake in Montana

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What a piece of property for a nominal investment of $78M.

On its own island in Flathead Lake in Montana.

Listed as the 5th most expensive property in the USA.

I was born/raised in NE Montana in a very small farming community ... Properties such as this certainly are a specialty ... in most all communities.

All I can saw is: WOW!!!!

$78M Shelter Island Estate - Realtor's Listing

Business Insider article on $78M Estate in Montana

A friend of mine found the heli-cam video that was taken during the home's construction.

Property owner is a Southern California real estate developer.

Shelter Island Heli-Cam Video


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Wow! I wonder how they get power to the Island?

It says via an undersea cable rated 12,000 amps with a 100 KW diesel backup.

The 12,000 amp figure is wrong. It's probably 13.8 kilovolt which is one of the standard values.

The 100 KW backup comes out to about 45-50 horsepower. Provides about 420 amps at 240/120 if it's single phase or 241 amps if it's 240 volt, 3 phase.


Did I crash the thread with my math?

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Wow! I wonder how they get power to the Island?

Engineering Details:

... An underground/underwater armored utility cable carries 12,000 amps to the island, along with CAT-5 computer cable and phone, and is engineered to handle additional development for an even larger compound, with three additional pre-installed services. An underground watering and hydrant system keeps the island green while also serving as a fire first line of defense.

Engineering/Utility Buildings:

A 1,200 foot Utility Building, contains a 100 kW diesel generator and electrical panels. The 1,800 square foot Workshop is styled in the same manner and detail as the main house.

So both utility company and back-up. Dunno. Seems like a lot of money just to be isolated on a lake in Montana. I would be surprised if he gets half the asking price.

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From the "See My Big Expensive House" school of architectural design.

I mean, go ahead and make it big if you gotta, but maybe try to inject a little design concept somewhere....something other than Houston Gated Community Colonial. It's the sort of thing the new ridiculously wealthy in China build.

OTOH, at least some of the local brotherhood were kept busy with decent work.

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I did a little Google trailing of this story. It's a fabulously wealthy commercial real estate developer from southern Cal; he's got two of them...one in Southern Cal in a ridiculously glitzy area and the one in MT.

They're both brand new. Not necessarily spec, but the guy took about 10 years to build the pair and now they're on the market.

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HAHAHA.....I saw the same thing, and the elevator that goes to "all 3 floors!". The author doesn't seem to understand paragraphs either.

It's interesting that the person that writes copy for $78 million houses is the same moron that writes it for the buck eighty nine condos.

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