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Don't know if its art but its certainly crazy

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Ocean front condo at Jacksonville beach. Typical condensing unit cluster.

No room to work. Three flights of stairs and two ladders to get there. Cant imagine having to work on the equipment in this confining space or even getting a new condensing unit in place.


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I'd write it up. I'd say the systems would likely yield less than rated tonnage because of insufficient clearance between the condenser units. I'd also write up the lack of sufficient service area.

I work T&M now instead of flat rate pricing but if I were to charge flat rate, I'd bump the rates at least 50% to serve any system using a unit in this condenser farm.

I've seen some bad ones but this one takes the cake.


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Hey Mike,

I know exactly what I would do if that were for a report, but would like your input to help make it a better photo for just plain old viewing.

Would you strive to get it more linear, maybe centered, or leave it slightly skewed? etc..

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This is what I would probably do if faced with this photo. I would move a little bit to the left and try to fill up the frame as much as possible with air conditioners leaving a somewhat diamond effect, but still leave some of the sea in the background which is pretty cool. And I would move the board out of the way.

A birds eye shot of this might be cool but probably impossible.

I would also tell my clients to leave me alone. I'm trying to make some art here.

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