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Architectural Style

Mark P

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It may have been bricked at a later date. The overhangs seem a little light.

I have come across two 1860-70 houses that where veneered during the depression. One a lovely mansion that was done to demonstrate wealth, and one a rundown farmhouse that was done as rent by the several masons that were living there and working the farm. The later, the brickies should have stuck to farming.

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Queen Anne shape, usually though the style is characterized by features accented by dissimilar exterior claddings.

Yes that is what I thought as well. I did spend some time researching the answer before I decided to post the question.

I scaned the inside with my IR camera and the house is solid brick construction, except for a second floor bathroom that is at the right corner when looking at the back of the house. Also the 3rd floor is a walk up attic area and the brick walls are exposed.

The seller bought it in 2006 for $40k and spent $210 in renovations. I believe her husband died and she is moving back to Callifornia to live near her son. She is selling it for $175. It is really very nice on the inside - everything was replaced in 2006/7.

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