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What causes drywall seams to show?

John Kogel

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A 1980's house has a textured ceiling in the living room. I will grace this place with my presence next week. The client reports that the seams are visible, but not stained.

The ceiling joists are likely the bottom chords of maufactured trusses.

I think they mean the drywall has sagged around the fasteners, or maybe the tape has let go.

That would indicate a past moisture event (AKA a leaky roof, eh?).

Is there another possible cause, such as bad fasteners or texture too wet when applied?

Is the only repair to drop the bad drywall and install new? Yes, I'll have to warn them about asbestos.

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Thanks, that is all helpful. So there could be sag in a bone dry ceiling, that's what I was pondering.

I hadn't thought of them running the sheets parallel, but the edges do stiffen the sheets a bit, you're right.

Of course, I may get there and see something totally different than what I was describing. Just formulating some possibilities in advance.

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