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Bill Kibbel

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Bill, They are two different houses in the same development? I assume gypsum shalfwall liners, but I don't see them. Maybe no bracing along the party walls.

Pics are front & back. Happened down in Warrington today.

Nothing I'm involved with. Someone local sent me the pics for my amusement. I'd refer you for the post-mortem, Mark.

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15 mph sustained. 45 mph max gusts. I had to struggle against the wind a bit today when fully extending a 28' ladder.

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48.31 KB

Same day I had a roofer cancel an estimate on my walkable 1 story ranch and you're putting up a 28 footer? Risky! Honestly though, I thought the guy still could have safely done the estimate.

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I got called today by an agent who has a client buying a house in the group next to the two that collapsed. They are concerned about their house. The agent talked to the building inspector. The inspector said the houses collapsed because the bracing was not installed yet. Apparently I were going to install the bracing within the next few days.

Expensive lesson.

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