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Sound of water trickling inside radon vent pipe

Mike Lamb

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Some reduction systems' intake pipe is directly connected to the sub-slab drainage piping. Sometimes water is being sucked up and drains back down. It's usually more of a gurgling sound.

There's often a tremendous amount if vapor sucked up into the intake.  If the exhaust pipe is on the exterior, the vapor condenses during cold weather and drains back down.

I have a neighbor who is referred to nationally as the godfather of radon mitigation. His systems include dealing with the condensate:


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I've heard that before, though mine sounded more like a washing machine, primarily because the pipe was trapped. Both the vapor sucked up out of the ground and the water entering the top of the pipe couldn't drain back into the ground.


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1 hour ago, ejager said:

All right, as a Canadian who has only seen systems like this one, I'll bite.Why are the fan location and termination location problematic for you?

Typically, the fan should be in unoccupied area, attic or the exterior and the vent should terminate above the roof line

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14 hours ago, Bill Kibbel said:

Canada does not require installations meet the US mitigation requirements. In fact, they discourage exterior fan installations and above the roof terminations.  They also "suggest" discharge pipe terminations be a minimum of only 30 cm from openings into the building.

Proof that we have overblown radon here, perhaps?

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