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Stump the chump?

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The foam theory would hold with the crumbling and no moisture. Also it would not be uncommon for the wall cavity to be filled with foam and this is "blow-out". I have seen puffball mushrooms that size, but they always turn brown when drying.

I rely on visual to identify foam, but never get nutty about it without more testing.

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Mike, I’m not into collecting samples. But may in the future if these encounters persist on other inspections.

As far as yours and Les’s theory of a foam or urea formaldehyde insulation. I’ve seen much of this and this is not what I think I saw. These were more along the puffball theory but much larger. Very light and fluffy, easily disturbed from original shape, semi exploded upon contact as depicted.

Chris, seen lime but usually hardens not softens and never seen lime fluff up like this stuff. What would one use lime for in the attic?

Paul, you’re thinking like I was fungus. And yes I reported as an unusual unidentified mass further sampling and testing required for specific identification. After hundreds of crawls this was a "first encounter" therefore unusual to say the least considering the crawl was dry.

Jim, I’m not familiar with the term UFFI but if there is no copywrite can I use in future reports?

Swarga, do albino cows really crap white or were you just pulling my leg? I don’t think it was dried Burma. The alien egg thing would work for me but then I’d have nightmares of killing another life form on first contact.

As I’ve aged I’ve tried not to kill things intentionally or unintentionally unless I was hungry. These neither appealed to my appetite at the time or my normal cuisine habits.

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Originally posted by BADAIR

OK, interior EIFS without cement, mesh, and acrylic = UFFI

EIFS turds?

Actually, every single thing about your description as well as the picture point to UFFI. It's not like other spray foams, such as urethane or icynene. UFFI is pure white and extremely brittle and friable. Your picture could be used in a text book to describe what it looks like.

I'd guess that there's UFFI in that house's walls.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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