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Have you ever wondered what the other inspector was doing? Not the fine details, but things like you would put in a "real" journal of your own. Kinda' like - Talked to Missy Smith about the inspection last month, she wanted to know where to buy GFCI's and could her boyfriend install it? Did a 1997 cornfield palace today that had poor framing and an irate realtor. Etc.

I wonder if Scott has moved yet? Is Brian still on work release and why didn't Mike get the update done. And so on.

It would be for just one day of your inspector life and posted here.

Does anyone have any interest?

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Hope to move in the next 4 weeks or so. Darn buyers keep screwing the pooch with poor credit and not being able to buy our house. Three contracts in one week and all have a FICO score of around 200! I'm to the point of not taking any contracts unless they have a letter of commitment from the bank!

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Just got back from my son Brendan's pre-school graduation -short and sweet and refreshments were provided (none of that annoying "life is a journey" valedictorian crap). Spent some time at the park, then we'll pick up his big brother from school, go to karate, and with a little luck we'll have dinner, baths, stories, and be in bed by 7:30.

Beats workin' any ol' day of the week,


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Woke up 5 am. Had my coffee on the master deck of my just one month old new house. I cannot get enough of the view.

Did a little paper work and then stopped at the old house to fiddle with the irrigation system. I wish this freaking thing would sell!

Stopped for a Starbucks (Venti Drip,Black, No room)and went up in my attic to run a cable for the Dish guy-no way I'm paying an extra $75 for about 3 minutes of work!

Spent the next three hours doing all the BS associated with my new job as a manager/marketer/candlestick maker for a 22 inspector company.

At ten I got my hair cut. I was going to a barber for the last few years, but my favorite guy blew out his shoulder and retired, so now I go to a shi-shi salon called "DollyRockers". They did a good job, although with my increasing follicle sparcity, I should get a discount.

Had lunch with a broker friend of mine a comisserated over how much the market sucks right now.

Went back to the office and answered a ton of emails and other crap. Knocked off at about 4:30 and took my kids to the water park. Spent the next hours and a half getting my ass kicked by four 8-9 year old girls, and one 4 year old boy who has a knack for taking out my gonads.

Had some dinner, actually got to take a couple of perspective buyers through my old house, came home and farted around with the kids some more, and now calling it a day.

That's pretty much it.

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Business sucks coming back off of vacation, so I had an easy day. Slept in a little, did some paperwork, and took the little guy to his second swimming lesson. I took my camera and captured the event for posterity. Damned if I don't think he's liking that more than most of Disney World, so we decided on the way home he would become a swimming champion and would be known as "Barracuda Jake".

Lunch, more paperwork, washed dishes and made three gallons of sweet tea (just a three day supply in this house). Watched some TV, surfed the web, ate, and generally farted around the house.

Brian G.

Pretty Good Day [^]

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You guys are deadbeats!

6:00am Woke up

7:15am left the house

8:00am arrived at the house

11:00am sat in my car with the motor and A/C running and wrote a report

12:30 Quick bite and off to another house

1:00pm started 2nd inspection (a dump)

5:00pm headed home, listened to OReilly on my XM radio

6:00 pm Write a report

7:30pm Made dinner for myself and kids (wife is out of town for 3 days)

8:30pm watch a little TV, e-mail reports, check out Insp. Journal

10:00pm go to bed

This is my life Mon-Thurs. but every week I have a 3 day weekend.

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Got up 5:30am

Let the dog out and made coffee

Watched Fox news for couple minutes


Got to office abt 6:30 and listen to messages (cursing under my breath)

7-8:30 review other inspections and files and listened to what is happening in their lives. Some good stuff

8:30 Laid out a termite monitor system for commercial building

10:00 Re-visit a $500,000 repo and do battle with a banker, real estate agent and the buyer. HardiPlank is not intended to be caulk free and should not have 50+ cracked pieces and yes the furnace must have a warm air return duct system.

Stopped by my own house - wife's goldfish died 13" long and worth 14million dollars. Buried it under iris back by the river.

12:00 had conference call with attys and owner of a truck wash and bubba the contractor.

1:30 re-visit an inspection from last week - No the relay on the hydronic heat system should not buzz loud enough to wake the dead and yes it is against code to have soldered 3/8" copper gas lines.

3:00 got blood pressure up arguing with the office Radon Specialist regarding his sales sheet from last month and using a device that is out of calibration.

4:00 answered e/m and wrote amicus letter to state govt about upcoming registration.

5:00 Watered the office garden and cursed the squirrel that is eating my calla lily patch.

5:30 Met with developer regarding his open ditches - 10' with no barriers

6:00 Started my old bread truck and drove it around the barn. Wish I could use it on inspections 1984 6cyl dark blue and really dirty.

9:00 Did not make much money today, but had fun. Ate a salad and lunch meat sandwich and watched mythbusters.

11:00 watched the local news and went to sleep on the chair.

11:45 went to bed, hugged my wife and was thankful for another day!

I wonder what the poor folks are doing? Most days I am the luckiest man on earth.

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Just got back from 6 days on the Olympic Peninsula. In-laws have a place out there with 180 deg. water view; watched ships all day long, read, watched eagles and all kinds of hawks in perfect quiet.

Not really looking forward to getting back in the grind. Very slow the rest of this short week. Only two appointments booked. Could have had more but I turned em away cuz I'm just still in slow mode.

Today, I have one morning appt. and then I'll come home and figure out what to do next . . .blow out the 60 year old back patio and re-do with pavers or take a nap!

No kids to contend with but we're in the process of adopting. I keep telling myself to enjoy the 'freedom' while it lasts!

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Coming from an adopted kids point of view. I hope your kid(s) love you as much as I got to love my folks. Damn I miss 'em both.

That empty pang, of uncertainty, loss, or not belonging, you may have experienced at some point in your life is how a kid feels without parents, everyday.

My day off with added visual highlights for your enjoyment.

1. My allies, Sparkie blonde, Barb black, ‘til the end, let me back into the wife’s house

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif MVC-003F.JPG

63.63 KB

2. Pee

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif MVC-001F.JPG

55.89 KB

3. Coffee

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif MVC-002F.JPG

70.19 KB

4. Pour me a cup and go back outside, where I belong, to enjoy the sunrise and look in on the progress of part of my Bonsai collection Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif MVC-004F.JPG

80.16 KB

4-year-old Crepe Myrtle has just started blooming again and count the other flowers

5. Survey some of the damage the bride and granddaughter left for me to clean up

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif MVC-006F.JPG

56.58 KB

6. Climb stairs to upper deck/lower deck cover to observe the progress my amigos are making on the neighbor’s roof. Whoops I see installation errors

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif MVC-005F.JPG

57.99 KB

7. Go horse back riding on Lightning, while watching Dora, awaiting breakfast

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif MVC-007F.JPG

61.38 KB

8. Papa Bear’s world famous French toast

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif MVC-008F.JPG

62.46 KB

9. Eat

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif MVC-009F.JPG

71.87 KB

10. Pedicure

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif MVC-010F.JPG

46.26 KB

11. Pool time, just learned how to swim this week

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif MVC-011F.JPG

66.58 KB

12. Did I mention 2nd week of potty training 14 trips to the bathroom between 6 and 8am? No accidents so far today, with fingers crossed. No pix included the little lady wanted privacy, very independent, Grannies gene pool

13. It’s going to be a long day. I’ll be glad when the girls go shopping so I can take a nap (there goes this weeks revenue)

Hope each of you prospered well and didn't draw any blood while having a day of your own.

I also am truly blessed.

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6:30 am Awoke and watched the weather Channel and Fox News Network in bed while strectching.

7:00 am Created, assembled and shipped out an overnight order to Professional Equipment. (My latest shipment of the Guardian Building Inspection System to them was a few pages short)

8:30; 12:00 & 3:30 Performed three home inspections.

Throughuout the day my middle daughter and I put together a family reuniion cruise to the Bahamas. Three of my five kids are onboard so far with their husbands or girlfriends. My folks probably won't go, but I hope so. (They're both 79) Evan my 9 month old grandbaby, Marina, will be onboard, Unfortunately, my eldest daughter, her husband and my two first grand babies won't be able to come, because he will be lifting off from Whidby Island, WA to meet up with an aircraft carrier. He's off again to parts unknown as a Naval Navigator. I'm not sure what he'll be flying this time, because the A-6 Prowlers that he was flying have been moth balled.

6:30 pm Stopped at the grocery store and picked up some fresh veggies to steam for dinner.

6:40 Hopped on the tractor and mowed my lawn.

8:00 pm Cooked, ate and cleaned up after dinner

8:45 pm Hopped on my treadmill and Total Gym

9:45 pm Showered

10;00 Readied two Zen of Home Inspection books for shipment in the morning.

10:15 pm sorted and filed stacks of paperwork while watching DVD Season of 24

12:50 am Turned in.

I too am a truly blessed guy. I've been through one unbelievable mountain range to get here, but I persisted and never lost faith in myself or my maker. And, it paid off. The vast majority of my good efforts returned home to roost.

Best wishes to all!

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I'll give a week since the life I lead isn't as exciting as the lives the rest of you folks have.

Monday: teach, eat, work on house.

Tuesday:the same as Monday

Wednesday: work for brother in law... tear off 8 square of roofing on house with three layers on roof. I hate it when they use 2-1/2 inch nails. Sheet the 8 square after fixing framing and pounding in three roofs worth of nails and killing the biting ants nest. Wash. Sleep. Soundly

Thursday:Get up and realize I'm too old to roof. Honor commitment. Roof the 8 square and clean up. Fix the lady's mower whose house we roofed.

Friday: build balcony over front door and around tower on our house. Wonder how framing held up previous structure for as long as it did. Deliver lawn mower. Price copper for balcony. Recover from shock. It's 3x the price it was 2 years ago. Start drinking cabernet sauvignon. Read TIJ. Post response.

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6:30 Rise & shine. SSS

7:00 Start billing for other Biz. (Commercial maintenance)

10:30 Head to the bank to make the weeks deposits and off to Church to watch the GRAND FINALE of VBS.

11:00 watch the new youth pastor sit on a block of ice, feet in a bucket of ice water as the 4 runner ups dump ice and water on him as well as in his shirt. Artic Adventure theme this year. The kids bring coins for a mission offering and get to pick in whose “nameâ€

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Your VBS entry prompted some real good memories. To tell the truth, most of the memories are of Kool-Aid and Ritz crackers. We had so many kids in my family that Ritz crackers were not regular fare, but we did have gallons of Kool-Aid. Never were allowed to drink Ice Tea and only saw it when I was abt 10yrs old.

Just a general comment on all posts in this topic - It seems there is an underlying theme of either helping (with or without pay)and a recognition of a meaningful life, even with the sore backs, stress headaches, etc. I don't think we are seen as caring, helpful and ethical individuals as much as most of us deserve.

Well, it is Saturday and the time of year for High School Open Houses, so my day will be cruising and grazing around town and telling the graduate what a fine young person they have become, Ha Ha.

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A preview of my Saturday;

Slept in till 8:00 AM. It was a late night at a friends restaurant!

8-10 just drinking coffee, reading the paper and cruising the boards.

10:30 to 11:30; Cleanup around the house, it is being shown a few times today.

Noonish; My son and I are heading over to help a single mom with her home. She is moving with my wife's company (Twelve families including us are moving to Nashville, TN in July). Yard work, major fence repair and cutting down tree limbs.

5 PM; Drop off our son at a friends home for the night.

6 PM; Annual adult pool party at some friends home. Last year I broke my tailbone at this party, funny thing was it did not hurt at the time! Gotta love that Gin and Tonic. This is one of the events that you really look forward to every year, except for the tailbone part. Good food, good friends and good times.

And at sometime we will end up back at the house for a good nights sleep.

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Typical Weekend:

Woke up at 8:30

Went up to the local and historic downtown greasy spoon to have the all american breakfast. My ex-girlfriend's daughter (16) works there and after 12 years, she's kinda like a 6th child to me. So, I went to spend a bit of time with her and leave her a big fat tip.

9:45 - Vacuumed out my disaster of a vehicle. (I practically live in it.)

10:00 - picked up some lawn and garden stuff. I have the mother of all poison Ivy vines growing up one of my red oaks. The vine is probably about 50 feet tall up the trunk and practically strangling the tree. (This is a new property and project for me, and hopefully another future rental when I'm done with it. I live in and work on them until I have them the way I like them. This one had a horrid floorplan but a truss roof system so I've already yanked out several partition walls to open it up.)

11:00 - continueing with the office paper sorting, filing and responding while I print a batch of home inspection reports for inventory for the publishing company.

at some point I'll do a mountain bike ride of 10 miles +/- and work out on my total gym.

Then, I hope to take my son and his girlfreind to dinner somewhere nice.

Sunday: Church and repeat of today...

Monday: back to the grind.

Some weekends I load up the car with office work and take it to my beach hang out and work on it there. It's pretty rare that I actually do nothing.

The worst torture ever for me would be to confine me to a couch. I'd go nuts in a matter of minutes. Nail one foot to the floor and I'll walk in circles.

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