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We have a little bit of everything here in Maryland so thats kind of nice. Most people dont think of Maryland as a southern state but we are south of the Mason Dixon Line which is our northern border to Pennsylvania and is considered the divider between the north and the south. Some of the fiercest fighting of the Civil War took place in Maryland. The Battle of Antietam was the bloodiest single day of battle in American history. I have walked the "sunken road" a few times. It is said the blood flowed like a river there. Great national history in Maryland. I am going tubing this Sunday down Antietam Creek.

A litte about that battle;


The Mason Dixon Line;

http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news ... dixon.html

If I had my choice I would be in one of the Carolinas.

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We can't set the time different for everyones computer but we can set it to the most common time zone. If someone wants to create a poll and vote on it, we can change it to the most popular area.

Time Adjustment Settings?

Enter either a positive or negative integer value between +12 and 0 and -12. This may come in handy if you are located in one part of the world, and your server is in another, and you need the time displayed in the forum to be converted to a local time for you! (Default value is 0, meaning no adjustment)

Originally posted by chicago Sounds like something for the Gnomes to work on.

About the Gnomes thing... isn't this the avatar you wanted Bob? I can put it up for you, if you like? [:-tong2]

2007847563_bird120.jpg Just let me Gnome? We are always here to help! [^]

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OK, I just had to see what time my post has.

OK, it was 8:47 and I'm on Central so my real time is 10:47 AM. I never really noticed this before!

As for the Mason Dixon line it actually went all the way up to Southern New Jersey! Now how many folks from the South consider MD, PA and NJ a Southern state!

The war of Northern Aggression had many strange lines. Brothers fighting against brothers, etc.

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Can not remember seeing a "fort" in Gettysberg. A few walls-a stand of trees- piles of rocks-a few small hills-old town???

I guess I need to schedule another trip to the "High Water of the Confederacy". History tells us Northeners that July 1863 was the CSAs last chance to capture Lincoln's Washington.[:-banghea

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