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What could this be for?

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Any ideas what the hose would be for? This is a standard garden hose that goes through the poured foundation wall at the rear of the home. It is cut and is hanging free (not attached to anything) in the utility area of the basement.

There is a low deck on the back of the home, so I could not see where this hose came out of the foundation. I could not find it on the exterior anywhere.


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Don't ya love finding stuff like that?

I found something similar years ago. The owners said they, "put that there so they could run electric to an in-ground pool they were hopin' to get." Problem is they never got the pool but when it rained, water came in through the opening, creating an indoor pool.

I just put it in my report, disclaim its purpose, and state possible problems.

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Gary's explanation makes sense.

Here is another posibility;

If you have a house that was originally well water but now has city water, this hose could have been used to supply well water for washing cars and watering lawns and stuff. An effort to keep the water bill down.

City water in the house for everything else and still use the well on the exterior.

Gary's explanation still sounds better/

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