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Not my job!

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Freshly painted vacant house. I don't know about you, but when I re-hang a door, I at least close it once. I guess that's not in the painter's job description.

Good for a laugh all round! I took the five minutes to swap them out rather than report them.

BTW...when a cool looking riding mower is included with the house, should I fully inspect and test it. I know I wanted to.

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I did a job several years ago; both parties assaholic attorney litigators from a couple of the big firms.

After arguing about pretty much everything, the seller says, "Okay, I'll throw in the dog if we can make a deal out of it". My buyer looks over @ me and says, "Check out the dog".

One never knows what's going to make the deal.

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Originally posted by Michael Carson

My brother just sold his house in Alabama, the purchaser asked for the mower as well. I am looking at the Alabama standard, or lack thereof, I cannot find the inspection standards for a riding lawnmower.

The inspector gets to take it home with him and cuts his yard. You have to supply the gas for the test run.[;)][:-crazy]

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Originally posted by Mike H

We inspected a house for a doctor who wanted the sellers dogs, and from what we were told the dogs were in the contract. Should we have inspected the dogs, or put in the report consult a qualified vet? I guess I could have held the dogs while my partner (Tim) checked for worms.

When I bought my house, the dog was written into the contract. The seller wouldn't sell unless we agreed to take the dog with the house and keep him. The had grown up on the property and the owners were moving into a condo.

We insisted that he be examined by a vet and given a clean bill of health with a particular stipulation that he not have heartworms.

Two weeks after we bought the house, the sellers called to ask if we'd take the dog's "sister," a small cat. (He & she had been puppy & kitten together.) We agreed.

Both turned out to be excellent pets. The cat was the best hunter I've ever seen (caught 3'-long snakes and, once, a duck). She lived to be 22 years old.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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