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Exterior siding ID please!


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A little help with ID of this siding would be appreciated.

House is 1960's construction.

My first thought was some kind of fiber cement but, as the side view picture shows, it's more flexible than a fiber cement siding piece.

Close view

Image Insert:


54.26 KB

Bottom view.

Image Insert:


46.17 KB

Side view

Image Insert:


47.75 KB

Close view

Image Insert:


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Distant view

Image Insert:


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I wouldn't be too quick to rule out wood siding. I see a fair amount of similar siding locally -- usually from the early 1960's. The pattern is one machined to resemble cedar shake siding. More than one RE agent has suspected it to be asbestos-containing due to roughly similar looking materials from previous deacdes but it is actually wood. In my experience, it's cedar. Multiple layers of paint hide some characteristics. Take a knife and carefully scrape an edge to see what you get.

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So I take Mike's reference to "Combed Cedar Siding" and go googling to see if I can find some pictures that match mine and y'all's description.

Ninth item down on the page pops up this reference:

"Exterior siding ID please! - The Inspector's Journal ForumsIt's combed cedar siding. Some folks refer to it as striated cedar siding. It's as common around here as liberals at a Democratic party convention. ...

www.inspectorsjournal.com/forum/topic.a ... Y_ID=52922 - 2 hours ago - Similar pages - Note this "

Google Juice or what!

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Hi Erby,

Here's one place you can buy them. http://www.vintagewoodworks.com/mgshin.html

They refer to them as Shakertown shingles but I wouldn't call them that because Shakertown is a trademark for a type of shingle panel and it will only confuse the customer. As you've already found out, there are lots of references to them as combed ceder shingles out there.



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My client was very impressed, as was the realtor who'd identified it as asbestos, with the resources I was able to draw on. YOU GUYS!

Thanks. I appreciate it!

I have siding that looks VERY similar. But it's not wood as some of it has fallen off and I can see it is some type of other material. House was built in the 1950's, siding may be from the 60's or 70's. A few people say it is asbestos siding. Are they correct?

Also, what type of siding can I use to patch the missing siding? I don't want to reside the whole house!





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It's a product called Insul-Shake. It's asphalt-coated Celotex fiber-board (made from sugar cane bagass) with ceramic granules. The same product as the more common Insul-brick, but with a texture that is intended to imitate wood shakes.

It was not manufactured with asbestos fibers. I don't know of any material that I would use for repairs. It's at the end of its useful life.

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Thank you so much!

So where would I get something similar? I just want to patch a few of the places where the siding has fallen off.

What company makes something that looks most like the insul-Shake siding?

There's nothing that looks just like it anymore. The closest thing might be the GAF Weatherside products. If you were to pad them out and paint them to match, they might blend in reasonably well.


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