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Originally posted by Donald Lawson

To me, it looks like the electrician does not plan on grounding the snap switches and dimmers. I don't understand why there are neutral wires wire nutted to the ground wires though.

Can someone explain?


He's planning on using the white wires (that are nutted to the bare wires) for grounding the three switches.

These should, of course, be either bare copper or green. Also, that green wire nut may not be rated for six #14 wires. (Brian G. might know how many wires those things can take.)

Other than that, it looks fine.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Thanks everyone,

Chad, this was a phase construction inspection. These wires were only roughed in. They are typically wadded up and shoved back into the box until the snap switches or dimmers are installed later.

I always try and pull some out to make sure the grounds are there. It's not uncommon here for the snap or dimmers switchs to not be grounded.


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The only other thing that could be going on is they pigtailed those whites to be the ground for the three devices that are going to reside in the box. There's no reason to bootleg a ground.. the ground is there.

If those three white wires (that are bonded to ground) were bare, it wouldn't raise an eybrow.

Is the color the issue?

I'm confused..what was the question?

From here down is an edit:

I just read Jim Katen's reply so I'll summarize mine.

What he said.

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