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Business is booming here in North Jersey, so I decided I need a new recreational interest to spend time and money on. I picked up a couple of kayaks earlier this summer and have been out every single weekend. Just need two more for the rest of the family.

I never realized there are so many beautiful lakes within a short drive. Even been on the Hudson River. Now I understand why people are so into spending time on the water, although I think I'll stick with the non-motorized variety.

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Jim, I paid $700 on sale for the Pungo 120 12 footer, complete with a dashboard & 3 cupholders. About a thousand complete with car rack, paddles, life vest. I bought a second Old Town kayak for $350, but it was crap. Slow in the water and drifted a lot. Retuned it and got a second Pungo.

John, I don't think I'm doing any rolls, but we did find a great rope swing at one lake. Haven't done that in a few years.

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When you get the itch to go fast, build one of these...


...or these


...or these


Just don't plan on hitting the water too soon, I've got over 200 hours into one for my son and it's a good 60 hours away from floating.


Nice shots btw

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