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Is this dangerous?


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The conference was ok. It was not the equiv of the old ITA conferences; fewer vendors and attendees. Mike and Kevin are really pretty good at putting on a good "show".

Classes were kinda non-descript and maybe a little elementary for most folks that attended. I heard no real complaints from anyone. I was quite interested in the new association of experts Association of Expert Building Consultants www.theaeba.com. I've no opinion as yet.

Back on track-----I didn't have any change so I had to keep that money! She was ok with that.

Following is a fungus that I found growing back by the river on an oak tree and thought it was pretty cool. It must have gown this size in just a couple of days.

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102.26 KB

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Les....that picture....too many....crude jokes....in my....head at once!

Now that you posted a recent picture of yourself, I remember seeing you somewhere recently. Apparently, someone at your house is selling some home decor. They posted a classified on craigslist, but uploaded the wrong picture for one of the items.


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