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I'll say ti now ......... FORGIVE ME. I found a link on a realtor's Facebook page. I've wasted the evening looking at half of the 212 pages of

(link deleted by editor because the site attempts to load up malware)

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"I would prefer if you would just wear a pair of dirty jeans instead of stealing your daughter’s Hello Kitty jammies to wear out.


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That sounds like the virus "Internet Security 2010." It offers for sale a fake fix to the virus it created. My computer got infected with it in January and it is truly vicious. All it took was a visit to an infected website.

There are multiple fixes offered on the web, some are not effective and some are for sale only. I wasted many, many hours with it.

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I said I'm sorry in advance.

I use AVG and it never issued any warnings but I've had no ill effects.

In a totally selfless act I viewed over half the pages before I made the post!

Does that say something about AVG? My wife's company uses AVG, and I have considered switching over to it... Is it good, bad or what??

Sorry for the thread drift..

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My wife has AVG running on two machines at home and they run awfully slow, but she has her business accounting on one and the home accounting on the other so she has them set to maximum protection.

I get scolded all the time for using my son's laptop to surf, but it's running an HP security program and it's lightning fast. The only thing that slows it down are the scheduled scans or updates, but it's still way faster than the other machines.


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