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Would You do It?

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If that's a concrete footing, sure, I'd have done it. I'll go if I can exhale hard enough to get through a space. If not, I turn around. This is going to sound crazy, but a lot of times the only way I can get through a space is with my arms stretch forward, because I have broad shoulders, and it keeps me from getting stuck. I'm just not claustrophobic.

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I will poke my arm in first, snap a pic or two, make sure there's no crocodiles.

I will go feet first if it's a real tight squeeze. That way, my mouth is facing the hatch so they can feed me. [:)]

I had a really tough crawl to do a few mos ago. The home owners had lost a sale because there was no crawlspace access. So they cut a hole in a closet floor and called on me to do the honors. [:-slaphap

Sitting on the dirt floor of the crawl, the floor was level with my chest. I scrunched down and saw I had to go down around a corner into another wing to see much of anything. It was so tight, I backed out, got a breath of air, then went down around the bend feet first, took a pile of pics, nice dry crawl with no problems other than the access. A week later, they had a buyer.

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