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Definition of foundation?

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I'm on a zoning commission that is formulating new zoning regulations for our town. We feel that we have a need to define the word "foundation". To my surprise, there is no definition of foundation in the entire I Code series.

Does anyone know of a reputable source for a definition of foundation as it applies to buildings?

Thanks in advance,

Tom Corrigan

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Illustrated Dictionary of Building Materials and Techniques, Paul Bianchina, ISBN 0-471-57656-5

The load bearing structure of a building, usually concrete or concrete blocks, that rests on the ground and upon which the building is erected; commonly both the footings and the foundation walls.


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While you're at it Chad; when (at what height) does a crawlspace no longer be a crawl but becomes as basement?

I typically term that gray area between a crawlspace and a basement as a cellar.

(I always explain, partially in jest, that the real foundation of any home is actually and ultimately the earth...)

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It seems that most cellars don't have a concrete slab floor - just dirt. But, then of course, there's the classic cellar, which is merely a place to throw the boiler, water heater and laundry tub, which does have a concrete slab floor and looks and feels more like a bomb shelter. [:-graduat

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