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Anyone using a paint pole?

John Kogel

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I use a 16' extension pole with a small camera tripod taped to a paint roller handle. I used black electrical tape so it looks professional. [:)]

I've taken lots of tricky roof pics with it. I use a Fuji camera that has a 10 sec timer.

Today, no roof access, 4 storey building. My unit was on the ground floor. I got into a stairwell and found this window, took out the screen and got these shots.

The white spots are seagull poop. Excellent distribution. I don't know how they do it.

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That is clever. Have you ever put your camera on video?

I have tried it once or twice, but need to learn to capture still pics quickly from video.

I like to give my client a disc with the pics onsite, so to save time, still shots with the timer feature works. The old Fuji Finepix is one camera that does that. I had an HP camera that would take 2 timed shots, but I slammed it on a roof and broke it. I take a series of shots, load the results into my laptop, and can show the client what the roof looks like, all in about 10 minutes.

I have a pruning pole attachment that can increase the reach to about 25 feet, but that is an awkward sucker when you're up on a balcony. Have only done that twice and it's a grunt. The short pole, 8 or 10 times a year.

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I bit and bot (the eye-stick). It has paid for itself already. I downloaded software to use to 'pick' snap-shots out of the movie I take..

Put the camera on the stick, put it in movie mode.... start it... raise it... walk it... bring it down.. back the office, I 'pick' snaps out, put them in the report and junk the movie..

A great tool.. you can put it out a window and do the same thing.. Software is "VLC media Player"... I'm not a software guy.. but it's working like a charm..

You end up with great movies of yourself grunting on the job and squinting.. :)

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Isn't the white object center left edge in the bottom photo a roof access hatch?

I find those locked with padlocks sometimes. Sometimes, a judicious tap with a ballpeen in just the right spot and they pop right open. Later on the hatch can be relocked with the same lock.



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A guy has been coming to my house weekly or so for over two years now, preaching his faith. I've let him come because he's taught me so much about a topic I've yet to master and I've told him so. What he doesn't realize is that the education he's bestowed upon me thus far has me going with increasing momentum in a direction contrary to his.

I'll tolerate this link-dropper, if that's what he is. The education I'm getting benefits my compass.

He's happy, I'm happy.


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