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proximity vs clearance

Jim Baird

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Thats been code in omaha ne books for many years anyway,omaha doesnt tend to really follow anybody elses rules though

Really? I'm having trouble finding the 6" requirement in the last 3 editions of the Omaha, NE Municipal Plumbing Code. Can you show me where it is? They have very nice illustrations for fixture placements though.

2010 Omaha Plumbing Code

http://www.cityofomaha.org/planning/ima ... 20Code.pdf

2007 Omaha Plumbing Code

http://www.cityofomaha.org/planning/ima ... 20Code.pdf

2003 Omaha Plumbing Code

http://www.cityofomaha.org/planning/ima ... 20Code.pdf

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Funny Ezra.

All I see for spacing to another fixture is (2010):

Sec. 49-637. Space requirement for nonhandicapped plumbing fixtures.

The following are minimum clearances:

(a) Water closets:

(4) There shall be a minimum of four (4) inches between a water closet and a lavatory. (See figure 637(a)(5))

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Being someone who leans to the right, this john would't work for me.

Heres the phone number for jim wonder/aka god,He makes most of our wonderfull rules 402-444-5374.

Ill call in the morning and get you the article number,I know Ive had more than 1 inspector throw it at me in the past

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Well it looks like Ive been doing it wrong all these years,I had 6" beaten into my head and thats what I always stuck with. [:-paperba

We had an inspector for a lot of years named Jack Grainger R.I.P that always pushed that number on me on condemed/ code violation properties.

Hed want 30" of space for a toilet and 6" between fixtures,and drip legs on water heaters had to be double the o.d of the pipe from floor to bottem of pipe.

Those things and san tees laying on their backs were his biggest pet peeves,I hate to think of how much existing cast iron he used to make me tear out over those san tees! [:-weepn]

Of course once he got to know id never try and pull anything over on him hed just ask if I did a good job ,and give me a sticker and tell me to find a pipe to put it on without ever leaving his car because his knees were so bad [^]

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