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Dad, check this out.


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Per pg 21 looks like all the J-channel is just for hooking up the rest of the vinyl trim, which really isn't much of a flashing. More just for connecting vinyl siding and trim. All the real flashing is the aluminum or vinyl trim sheet behind it.

So back at my kids house, it's just Mr. Handi trying to do some sort of flashing thing with some kind of vinyl thing on a window that was never flashed right to begin with. And now the flash thing catches water and delivers it to the interior. I recommend they give the landlord a heads up.

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As dicked up as that is, I'd wager it isn't where the water is getting in the wall. When that kind of poor detailing leaks the damage is almost always at the corners. When water is dripping from the top of a door or window the leak is well above the unit and coming out at the first available opening through the wall. Whoever goes out to fix that needs to look up above the door and figure out what else is fooked up.

How is the recovery going Denny?

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I'm not supposed to lift more than 10lbs so I'm pretty weak up top. I've been able to walk and ride a stationary bike. A little while back I also got some stomach exercises to do. The doc at one time said something like I could do crawl spaces at the one month mark if my family depended on my income, but he didn't recommend it? The guy is nuts. I think that the crawl space under the doc's house has a wine cellar in the corner. 2-22 I go in for final CT scan and hopefully get rid of the brace for good. I tried to help look over a house for my brother-in-law and I couldn't even look under the garbage disposal with the brace on. I did take folks advice and read a bunch of installation manuals, which was good. My wife is an independent claims adjuster and a few years ago I got the license for it so she could quit the place she was working for and work out of our home. I've been doing a bunch of CE's to keep the license lately. My neurologist Dr. is 150 miles away in Redding, CA. and there is pretty much no getting a hold of him for questions. So I write, things like can I start doing this and that kind of exercises. I get no response. He probably thinks, "hey old man just retire".

I probably have the wimpiest back fracture one can get and instead of being happy and thankful about that I feel like I have to live in a PVC pipe. Other than that it is a blast. I haven't figured out what the blessing is yet either?

There has pretty much been no pain as long as I treat myself like I have a glass spine, which I do.

P.S. that is not me in the photo, only my spirit. Good one though.

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Glad to hear you're getting better. Injuries are scary things.

On the flashing:

You should have this flashing installed BEFORE the vinyl and J-Channel. You should be able to see the edge of the flashing hanging over the door top under the J-Channel.

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Taking a second look at the picture, is that vinyl siding or cement fiber siding. Looks more like cement fiber siding with the door trim installed on top of it.

Still don't mater. Should look similar.

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Bet the majority of the water is coming in right here at the red arrow.

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