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There's a new H.I. Pundit - The Deal Killers


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Agreeing to author a home inspection column with a name like that is to agree to play into the hands of Realtors. Tell him to grow a backbone Mike.


Hee, hee,

Marc, if you knew the guy, you'd know better than to say that. You've never had to drive 30 miles home in the same car with the guy after a board meeting where the majority of the board took a mamby-pamby stance on some issue. I have and It ain't pretty.

Of the rest of the board, he's the only non-TIJ-regular that I refer folks to when I can't accommodate their inspection needs due to my schedule. I think it would be fair to say that Mack and I are the ones who are at odds with the majority of the board the majority of the time. As chairman, he only gets to vote when a tie breaker is needed and with this board that's not often.

I think it's fair to say that he's a charter member of the non-suckups in this business around here. I think it's a reality that a big chunk of the real estate folks think of home inspectors as deal killers and Mack is one of those guys who couldn't care less what you call him 'cuz it won't change his mind. I think that's what he's telling them.

Erby, I think that's Mack's way of outing some of the suckups and zoids in the real estate folks' own publication. You'd sure as hell never hear one of them admit openly to the fact that sort of thing happens. Mack kind of pulled their shorts down. I bet a whole bunch of the non-zoids will take offense to it and respond in kind. What better way to get them to talk openly about some of the B.S. that 'zoids regularly come up with?



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I vote lame, as well. Deal Killer is a complete misnomer. Everything can be addressed, and everything can be righted. The questions are what's it gonna cost, and who's gonna pay for it? The deal is "killed" when parties can't come to terms or, as often happens, the agents lack negotiating skills to work out the problems.

The physician/specialist cliche is . . . well, lame. The guy had an opportunity to actually explain something to the realtor and blew it.

By the way, that guy totally looks like G. Gordon Liddy.

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........the agents lack negotiating skills to work out the problems.

Which is almost always the problem. It's the Crisis of the Transaction. What to do when the script has been tossed?

By the way, that guy totally looks like G. Gordon Liddy.

First thing that came to my mind.

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Not sure who should be credited for this paraphrased version of a quote: "I didn't kill the deal, the house committed suicide," but I've always liked it.

I e-mailed him directly to share my thoughts about the title of his column.

Norm Sage. He was one of the good guys.

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