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Tower Blocks

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Here's a part draft, part experiment, part figuring out Pages and page layout, part practice article I started, and haven't finished.

See if it's interesting and feel free to tear it apart. Don't bother commenting on the page layout stuff; I know that's screwed because I'm learning a new program. I literally hammered it out in one blast and threw pics in wherever.

I'm just trying to see if this sort of thing interests anyone.

Download Attachment: icon_adobe.gif Tower Blocks.pdf

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Kurt, cool stuff and well worth the reading time.

I found some comparisons between the "tower blocks" and the housing projects in Chicago. I know all major metro areas had the same building/housing boom, but Chicago had the "towers"; Taylor, Cabrini, etc. The open spaces, balcony feature, park-like areas were all part of our housing error. While similiar, the central difference is that one of our towers could hold enough voters to elect an official that could perpetuate that style of life and give us some continuity. China may not have that luxury.

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Very interesting indeed. Very pleasant 'window' into the building practices of another culture. It expands the mind. I'll keep it and pass it around, unless you object.

BTY, a liter of water (2.08 lbs) raised from 68 to 212 degrees (299 btu) in 3 minutes is an average rate of about 6,000 btu/hr but that doesn't include the btu's lost to the air or the pot during that 3 minutes.


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Kurt is it possible for you to put a China trip together? You know you'll have fun with me in the group.

I could. Even if I didn't put together a group trip, I could give you some really good pointers on how to navigate around China. The cost is getting there; once there, it's really, really cheap to live if you know where to go.

I might even be able to wrangle another visit to Binhai New Area, the brand spanking new city they're building all at once to house 4 million people. It's a short train high speed train ride from Beijing, adjacent to the city of Tianjin. If you've ever thought you've seen large scale construction, you ain't seen nuthin' 'til you've seen Binhai New Area. I know Mr. Li, the primary concrete guy....big boss, da laoban....like very big. Hitchhiked to Beijing with a toothbrush, now running the job that's building a city for 4 million. He says hi to me through our mutual friends....that's means I'm in. Maybe I could.......

I could put together quite a trip, now that I think about it.

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Lots of that reminds me of Korea back in 1977 - even the bathrooms. Today, many Korean homes have bathrooms much closer to what we and the Europeans have (Oh wait, those friggin public squatters in France. I forgot about those.).

Kurt, that'd be an awsome trip, except no hi speed trains. We rent a bunch of sidecar motorcycles and do it on bikes.


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