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table saw safety feature

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It's at the center of a huge lobbying effort trying to force the device onto every table saw.

I have mixed feelings about it. One can't get hurt if one is using push sticks; why do we need to subsidize a safety device when there are proven methods for not cutting off one's fingers?

It doesn't do anything to fix what I think is an equal or worse danger, i.e., kickback.

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Where was this technology back in 1987, the year I (mercifully for others) had to give up the guitar due to stupidly running a radial arm saw through my left middle finger. It made a right bloody mess.

That memory is all the protection I now need in the workshop.

It might have been around then. I first heard about it in 1989 or thereabouts. At that time, the manufacturer was touting it as a retrofit device for all tablesaws.

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I watched this saw in action at one of the big trade shows a few years ago. The poor bastard demoing it was covered in nicks and cuts, fingers to elbows on both arms, from changing the blade and brake every 30 minutes.

Table saws would be lots safer if they came with finger boards and push sticks instead of silly blade covers and inadequate anti-kick back devices.

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I've been using the table saw for about 26 years and have never had a close call as far as cutting off a finger. You just have to be aware, smart, cautious and confident.

Now kick back is a different story. I was cross cutting a 14"x14" piece of 3/4" plywood out of a 14"x24" piece and my attention drifted a bit until it punched me in the stomach[:-bigeyes

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