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Basement De Stijl

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It's quite difficult for me to appreciate it when I'm so fixated on the slope of the boiler's vent connector.

I don't see how Lamb can see art in the crap we look at.

Bill, that is the only reason we keep him around!

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Creating that haze around the light bulb with paint? Wow!

And, another thing..... The more I look at and appreciate the effort in the detail, the more I feel the haze around the light is a mistake that takes away from it.

Then again, it's his friendly cloud, around his happy little light.

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Interesting phenomenon: With the a mirror, I can see my pupils constrict when I look at the light bulb. They also dilate when I look into the darker portions of the picture.

Some people have too much time on their hands. Like sitting in their basements painting still lifes instead of painting the place, selling it and moving to the lake. [:)]

Jim, your monitor is shining light into your pupils.

Santa gave my wife a Kobo for Xmas. It hurts her eyes to read it for any length of time. she has to put it down and look away for a while.

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I used to have slides of a painting of the basement in my old house. It also showed the boiler, etc. The former owner was an artist who specialized in photo realism. His paintings were about 6 feet by 6 feet. I believe the artist photographs the subject and then paints it from the photo.

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