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Someone's old tool collection


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Need a *new* ratcheting screwdriver? This is probably circa 1950, original in-box and never used. In second pict, you can see wooden shipping block still intact on left side of screwdriver. Lemme know if anyone wants to buy. Mille Grazie.

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In my early 20s, I was part of a concrete form crew on some of the tallest buildings in Houston The guy I ran with, was from Anniston Alabama, and was always hired as a GF on these jobs that usually lasted a few months before they cut the whole crew loose.

By Monday, we'd be across town and another crew had taken our place.

Probably a calculated move to deter complacency. They did it all of the time, to everyone.

Anyway, like anyone that age, I didn't have a ton of tools to start with. The GF had taken me under his wing and beat my ass into buying the right stuff to do the job correctly. Since we didn't use screw drivers for anything other than changing a blade on a Stanley knife to sharpen a pencil, They weren't at the top of my list. I always had a nickel with me.

One day, the old guy asked where my screw drivers were. I told him I didn't have any yet. He gave me the Clint Eastwood look and walked away. A while later, he came back with one of those in his hand, and asked me If I knew what it was. Not exactly. He said, "It's a YANKEE screwdriver, boy! It's yours now. Don't lose it!"

I still have it somewhere. 34 years later. ;)

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I have a few of those, inherited, but my favorite gizmo tool is the drill version, the Yankee Handyman.

Only got 2 bits left, and one of those is pretty short. The bits snap in with a little groove to hold them.

Whose got Yankee Handyman drill bits?

I still have one and use it occasionally. It can get places my Dewalt won't go.

You can get replacement bits at Garret Wade.

Jim Katen

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When I was a lad, every carpenter I knew owned three Yankee screwdrivers, in different sizes. I had two - a super monster size one and a medium one. I still use the medium one on a daily basis. It's perfect for what I do.

I've been through a half dozen different cordless drills & drivers and I still keep one in the car for when I'm facing a bank of 10 panels to uncover. But for the typical home inspection, the medium Yankee (Fulton, actually) is all I need.

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