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What's this mean to you folks?

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Look at the insulation. Kinda bumpy and uneven in a pattern very familiar to me. What's it mean to you folks?

I have a disagreement with a service vendor about what it means.

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Looks like it was compacted and then re-lofted. Is the disagreement over whether he actually blew in new insulation or not?

Whoops, I'd only looked at the first photo when I responded with the line above. After seeing the second picture with what looks like a finger-sized hole in the insulation I'd have to say mice. Bigger holes with lot of crap - rats - but that's not what I'm seeing there.



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Let me see if I can figure out why a pest guy would say those aren't rodent burrows. Perhaps the pest guy got paid to eliminate the rodents and now he's not willing to admit that he might not have done such a hot job?

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