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Tools for Someone Just Starting Out...

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Hi Guys,

I'm just starting out. I know there's a thread from a couple of years ago on this but I wanted to get updated input.

I'm looking for a nice list of tools and left field interns I should have to start out.

I have bought some things and they are as follows...

Couple of GFCI Testers

Couple of 6 in 1 screwdrivers

Couple of voltage pens

Couple Utility Knives


Bacharach Leakator 10

IR Thermometer

Protimeter Moisture Meter

Shoe Covers

Laser Pointer

Dust Masks

Extra batteries



Tape Measure 25'

See Snake

12.5' telescopic ladder

17' little giant

CO detector

Knee Pads

Level (12" and 4')

I know that's quite the list but what am I missing? I have the necessary funds to purchase anything worth having. Thanks for your time and input

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My mistake. I do have flashlights. I bought the Streamlight 600 lumens w/ the car charger set up.

I have NOT bought a camera yet but I do intend to of course. My thought was that I should buy one that has a great amount of zoom. Pretty much to act as binoculars.

I'm going to look into the camera you mentioned Marc.

Les what do you mean disposer tool? And what is the petroleum jelly for?

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Impact resistant waterproof camera. Don't get one with the extendo lenses. If you need another with super zoom, get a cheap super zoom. Don't obsess on which camera; there's enough camera obsessing going on. AFT cameras are very good, as in Any ****ing Thing.

Allen wrench for freeing up stuck disposers and the other is for pleasuring realtors.

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...My thought was that I should buy one that has a great amount of zoom. Pretty much to act as binoculars.

Exactly. That's what sold me on this camera. Forget what the ad says about the zoom on this camera. It goes to 30X first then if you let up on the switch momentarily, it continues to 120X. I retired my binoculars, this camera is such much better. One hand (right hand) operation, takes a little practice to get a solid hold on it though. Not cheap.


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I like to carry the old style 6' wooden folding rule - you can make it stand on it's on when getting a picture, use it to hook the sump float. use it as a pointer, etc. Also, a cotter pin tool, great for probing wood, pulling up sump lids, carpet, etc.

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Crochet hook? For keeping yourself occupied waiting for Ms Bighair?


Always keep a dose of humor in the tool kit and couple gallons of patience in the vehicle!

Inspectors that ask questions will always succeed. Good luck.

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I say save your money and don't buy a CO detector, use your nose. I have not pulled mine out in over a year.

Where has your nose been for that long?

Mark often confuses "pulled" with "picked".

either way it is a long time to be without.

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