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Sometimes I'm so confused.


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Is it a roofing issue or a flashing issue or both.

Then I put it in one or the other, or both. Tell them to get it fixed. Then I walk away shaking my head in wonder.

Cornice Return

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I see the open void you are referring to (at the secondary kickout). Is it a flashing issue or roofing issue? I believe a flashing issue is a roofing issue. At this point it is a sealing issue.

I think it is really a job-site superintendent issue. If the super would have been on the ball, he would have caught it from the get-go.

I see this condition quite often, regardless of the type of system.

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Sorry, I thought I'd said it was a cornice return.

The fascia metal doesn't fully cover the fascia board.

No metal drip edge.

No underlayment.

Opening for birds to get in.

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You did, I just couldn't figure which cornice return.

It looks like the right drip edge profile would work; not a particularly big deal in my book, but then again, I don't look at many houses of this type.

Good sheet metal-iness is next to Godliness.

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