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Arguably the slowest and ugliest Corvette of all time.

That '78 is in the C3 generation which ran from '68 to '82. There are 7 generations and no other came close to this length of production time. I think you're likely to be disagreed with heavily on your opinion with regard to looks of the Stingray.

C1's are the ugliest in my opinion and also slowest. As is always true, opinions including mine are just that.

Obviously everyone knows any generation of Corvette can be easily modified to perform better. In the '78 model year power was bogged down by low compression and emission control systems which were still early in development not effective without robbing power.

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Arguably the slowest and ugliest Corvette of all time.

I never liked the rear end of that edition.

I don't know if it was a good investment, probably would have made a lot more in the stack market. What a waste to just let it sit there. Some collector will have to have it, but how could you spend that money and just look at your car sitting in the garage dry-rotting.

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Who buys a new car and only drives it 4 miles in 38 years?

What kills me is they didnt even want to wash it before listing it. "original dust" Wow!

They didnt start it either. Worse thing for a car is to sit and not get used.

It'll leak like Snowden.

That same car with 50k on the odometer (still fat, heavy, soft and slow with ill conceived rear suspension, horrific under-steer and an anemic, wheezing power plant EGRing into a pelletized cat converter) would bring around $7500. A new Dodge Caravan with a 3.8 V6 would leave this Corvette gasping for breath. Oh, I forgot the AMC Paceresque rear window. It's nice. If you're a goldfish.

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