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Holes in Radon Pipe

Jim Katen

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One of my partners ended up talking with the tech who installed it - it's a condensate drain: 


He said that they've stopped using them because they felt that the 2" pipe caused a restriction in airflow and because they figured that condensation isn't going to be the limiting factor in the fan's service life anyway. 

Condensate Drain.png

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Beats the hell out of me, Jim.  I'm not a radon mitigator, but I see a lot of them around here given Mother Nature's propensity for spitting it out in Central Kentucky.  
The cold weather times around here have created some ice mounds around the fan when it's not routed back into the pipe to go back into the ground at the base of the pipe. Easiest place to dispose is right back into the pipe below the fan.

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4 hours ago, Tom Raymond said:

How is condensate being sucked through a fan differ from condensate dripping through from the other side? The fan is wet either way.

The fan moves only the vapor.  Any liquid condensation that forms goes downwards as per gravity.  The bypass tube simply allows the condensation to bypass the fan.

I'm guessing.

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