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Vent Clearance Clarification?


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You are looking at a garage heater vent. i haven't seen this condition in awhile and was hoping someone could clarify the clearacne requirement from the soffit. Im reading 2 feet and 4 feet from different sources. I know its typically up to manufacturers recommendations but just need the general rule of thumb. Thanks in advance!




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There is another issue there which is the proximity to the soffit covers which are obviously open. Exhaust fumes are going up into the attic space.

How bad is that if the attic is vented? Well, it just ain't right. [:D]

I had some issues with a similar installation, but a direct vented WH, and the conclusion was that the builder sealed the soffit covers and my client went ahead and bought the place. Just saying, because the proper repair of course is a straight pipe up through the attic to a jack on the roof.

For the best answer we need the manufacturer and model number of the heater to get the specs for the exhaust termination.

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