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Mike Lamb

HI Image - Warning - Not for the squeamish

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10 hours ago, Marc said:

Poor thing.  Probably couldn't jump high enough to get out.

Is there another plausible explanation that includes the rat dying there of free choice?

As an AHJ, I condemned a house after a small fire because the people inside had been using buckets for toilets. Both toilets were broken (and full to the seats). I guess using a bucket isn't all that bad, but when thy used buckets and just got new buckets as the buckets were filled- that's where I really have to draw a line. 11 full buckets. 55 gallons of poop. I shit you not.


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BTW, as Marc noted a mouse can't jump high enough to escape.  I caught two mice in my wife's honda that had built a nest in the glove box.  Their babies tumbled out while she was sitting in traffic and reached for  little duster she uses to dust the dash.

I bought a shiny new slippery sided 5 gallon bucket and put it in the back seat with some oatmeal in the bottom.  Took a cpl of overnight settings to catch them one at a time.  I used the catch and release program, made them promise not to come back.

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