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Not sure if this is mold

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Hi there I have a small water leak in one of my upstairs bath tubs from the drain. The drywall was turning a little brown so I cut a hole to look and see what was going on. I don't see any mold on the drywall that is still there but there is some green stuff on the wood. Not sure if that is mold. Thanks for any help. Also I'm not sure why but the picture soon to have rotated and the drywall should be down and the beams should be on the left and the right of the picture






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In general, if mold is going to grow in a building cavity, it'll grow on the drywall first because the paper backing is really tasty mold food. I don't see any significant sign of mold in there. 

That's not really important anyway. Fix the leak. That's what you should be worried about, not invisible mold. 

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The stains show that more than just a leak at the drain occurred. 

Nothing will continue grow if there's no moisture.  After the leaks are fixed and everything's dry, spray it with Concrobium (sodium carbonate and TSP). Probably not necessary but folks that believe all the hype about mold feel better.






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That white or green fuzz is similar to what will grow on an old orange peel. It can be wiped off with a cloth. When it dies, it turns black.

Fix the caulking around the edges of your tub. I think I see stains in the plywood where water is leaking under the floor tiles or vinyl.

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