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I gave up on checkbox reporting and report writing software at least a decade ago. I use Word for Mac now, to allow my report writing template to float and evolve. My current template is extremely simple, basically a numerical list of the write-ups, with headings and subheadings, arranged in order of gravity and relevance. It still takes me 2 to 4 times as long to write a report as it takes me to do the inspection.  The inspection is just about gathering the data. Writing it is where I earn my fee.


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I find the reports to be too busy. Too many moving parts with commentary, photos and details tightly packed. Tetris style. I can extract the relevant info from the reports, but could an average 60 year old buyer without much knowledge of how homes work? I'd vote that many buyers and agents that are less tech savvy would end up frustrated with the presentation. 

The $1,000 per year price tag is also pretty gross. I understand that software as a service is how they can maximize profit, but if you plan to inspect for homes for the next 30 years as I do, it's absolutely unreasonable.

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