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Construction phase inspection checklist?

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I'm am looking for a pre-drywall inspection checklist I can "borrow". I had a call yesterday from some out of state buyers that are not happy with how the construction of their new home going. I am hoping somone would be kind enough to share a checklist or document they use on a pre-drwall phase inspection. Thanks in advance.

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Framing, electrical/plumbing/mechanical rough in. That's about it.

Common issues are a regional thing but in my area I'll see:

trusses patched up or supplemented with stick framing

concrete anchors installed next to seams in the sill plate

dormerticus: valleys running up against a dormer wall instead of an eaves

stapled roof deck in a hurricane prone area

romex on top of joist in an area of the attic where people can step on it


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