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Award Winning Historic Home

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They sure have worked on it.  Well deserved.

.......and he can shear sheep and knows the btu value of firewood! 


I recently found a jar of his honey in my honey's cabinet - that shows you the range of his influence! 

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Thank you, everyone.

The support from this group means more to me than any other. It's a great house, designed and built by others. Despite how rough it was when we bought it, it was easy to restore because all we had to do was make it the way the designer/ builder intended it to be. (to be honest, we added the balcony- prior, there was a 4'x4' personal viewing platform above the front door  and below the tower windows on the adjacent side) I bought terne-coated steel for the balcony floor/roof in the late 90s for the project and didn't build it until 2016? Follansbee stopped selling terne in the US around 2010. We may be the last in the US to install a soldered seam terne roof. Kibbel helped with Tin O Lin's paint info for the project.

We also deviated slightly by adding plumbing, electricity, and central heat.



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