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Flexible gas line

Mark P

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We always write as immediate replacement of any brass gas line. There are millions out there and nearly all are bad. They will have a date on them; either on incoming fitting or on a ring around tube.

The photo has an alum gas valve that I would recommend replacement of. Bonnie will love that sentence!

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They are very dangerous and 1997 sounds about right as I was working for sears at the time.

They would snap off and leak just for the crime of moving an appliance to get at the shut off valve.

Most of the time when you see these you will also have a frozen shutoff at the same location ,but thats another can of worms.

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Don't listen to Fabry. Don't trust rubber necked individuals. Same w/rubber asses; don't trust 'em.

A brass line was the cause of the catastrophic explosion on the South side a couple years ago; an entire solid masonry bungalow was leveled to rubble.

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Hi Walt,

I fixed it. Sorry about the delay. I usually go over posts and try to fix the really egregious stuff, but this week my whole inspection rhythm got screwed up and I ended up getting about 17 hours of sleep from Sunday to this morning. Just woke up after sleeping through the day and I'm feeling a whole lot more lucid and ready to get back into it.

OT - OF!!!


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