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Historic Annapolis Slideshow

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This is my first attempt to put together a slideshow so I hope it works. I figured some of you might appreciate these older buildings and houses. I wish I knew what to look for because I could probably take better pictures. I took these today on a walk through town.

Does anyone know of a good place to host picture albums online for free? Comcast works ok but they dont allow the viewers to enlarge. The pics are too small. Are there any sites out there that allow the viewers to zoom in?

Anyway, Tell me how this link works out.

http://www2.snapfish.com/launchslidesho ... _=79256655

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I've found Flickr to be an excellent photo hosting site for home inspector stuff. I can upload dozens of pictures at a time from a single inspection then send a link to my customer -- much handier than trying to put them in a report or send them via e-mail. It would be good for your slideshow of Annapolis. The photo sizes are pretty good.

For more serious photography, you might want to check out www.photo.net. It's a fine online community of photographers who support and critique each other. It's a bit more discriminating than Flickr and the photo quality is excellent.

If you can get the Snapfish link to work, I'd love to see your pictures.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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I went with Webshots for now. The link is to an album. You can blow the pics up to bigger sizes but not as big as with windows picture viewer such as you might have on your own desktop. If any of you want me to email you any of these to get the full size files just let me know which ones. There is also a slideshow option at this album page.

I take that back. It looks like you can select the full size option and then click it once again for even bigger pictures. Then you have to scroll if you want a close look at a specific feature.

Enjoy [;)]


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