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found a new tool

John Dirks Jr

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I was walking my dog earlier this evening and I found a golf ball in the school field. I picked it up and carried it with me along the way. When I got up to the sidewalk that runs near the building I started bouncing and catching it as I walked along. The different sounds on different sections sounded like it does when you use a dead blow hammer. It was fast and easy to locate the hollow spots.

It might be a challenge using this method on a rough, exposed aggregate surface since the ball's bounce will be unpredictable. However, on the smoother stuff it sure seems like it will be easier than bending over with a dead blow hammer.

Give it a try. [^]

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Well, if it's simple and effective, I wouldn't be ashamed to use it. It's not like I would pull it out on every job but if I become suspicious of an undermined area and it can provide and audible response to confirm my belief, why not?

I don't see a negative side of using simple methods to provide useful information. Who gives a darn what some skeptic might think?

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