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Fridgedaire dishwasher light will not turn off

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While setting up a radon monitor the other day in a home, that I will inspect tomorrow, I noticed the clean light illuminated on the dishwasher and it flickers. When you unlatch and pull the door open, the light turns off, when you close the door and latch it the light comes on and flickers, when you ensure the dial is in the off position, light flickers. Shouldn't the light turn off after you empty the thing and ensure that the dial is turned to the off position? Seems like a petty thing to ask but, with my luck latelyI will get a call on it. [:-paperba


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Other than to turn them on and run them through a cycle to see whether they leak and to inspect their supply plumbing and discharge lines, I don't care about dishwashers and a glowing light on one probably wouldn't even attract my attention. It's not unusual to walk into a house where the family had washed the dishes not long before my arrival and the darned things are still on and in the drying cycle.

There are too many other important aspects of a house to investigate; we don't have time to be dinking around playing with the accessories. I tell people up-front that I really don't care about their appliances and that if an appliance fails after the inspection - heck, even if it fails when I'm backing out of the driveway - not to bother calling me, 'cuz I'm not there to inspect appliances and am only interested in whether the ones that are installed are plumbed correctly, wired, correctly, and aren't leaking all over the place. I tell them that I don't have any cake batter with me to ensure the oven will hold 350° for an hour; I won't be putting anything down the disposal to test how well it works, so I won't know if it can't even grind up Jello; and I don't have any dirty dishes to run through the dishwasher. If it looks like they're confused as to why I'm not concerned about the appliances, I point out that when they bring their car to a mechanic to see what condition it's in the mechanic will check the engine, drive train, cooling system, brakes, fuel lines, exhaust system, etc., but really couldn't care less about tears in the upholstery, what color fuzzy dice are hanging from the mirror, whether the CD player works, or how well the radio pulls in any particular station. That analogy usually helps them to understand.

Most people get it and, though I'm sure that their appliances fail eventually, I've never had a complaint about any appliances.

It's called a home inspection; not an appliance inspection. You won't find any texts about about home inspection that tell you how to test appliances will you? There's a reason for that and there's a way to know where the boundaries are; just think, "If this thing weren't here, would the home still function just fine without it and could folks still live in here comfortably?" When it comes to any appliance, the answer is yes. Sure, they'd have to drive down to the corner restaurant to eat but the place would be fine and that's the point.



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Well back from the inspection. The wife asked about all kinds of little detail stuff. And guess what was on the list............dishwasher light [:-magnify. I explained the thing ran through the cycles doesn't leak and that was the main thing. Husband spoke up and said that since the color of the dishwasher was white we could use some white out to make it go away. I asked if they really needed a light to tell them that their dishes were clean. They replied common sense should dictate. So, I am now going to put my camera in the fridge and take a video to see if the light really does turn off!

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Originally posted by StevenT

Originally posted by Michael Carson

So, I am now going to put my camera in the fridge and take a video to see if the light really does turn off!

That is ridiculous. If the light goes out, the camera will not be able to record and you won't be able to tell what happened.

Exactly, if the light does truly go out there would not be anything to record and it solves the age old mystery of does the light really go out when you close the door. If not you will have a great video of the inside of your fridge. [:-graduat

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