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WRB Conundrum


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Target rich environment here, but my specific question is..........

Fiber reinforced cement "architectural panels" laid over a WRB of simple housewrap (maybe tyvek, never could see a good brand name). There are 1/4" spaces between all the panels.

I'm thinking in some number of years, the housewrap WRB is going to be gone to blazes from UV and weather.

This would clearly be a violation of the "max 120 day exposure" limitation of housewrap, no?

It would go to blazes, yes?

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This is a rain screen wall. It is becoming more and more popular with Architects you will see more of these. But like any new system the people installing it are the weak link.

Be sure of the WRB specs before you call it a problem. I have done many of these in Venice, CA in place for over 8 years with no problems.

You can remove the pannel by removing the gasketed screw. Just be cautiouse to reinstall the screws through the same hole. There should be a gasket on the back side of the Hardy board. The cracked panel is an aesthetic issue you should sugest be repaired.

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It's "sort of" a rain screen wall (i said target rich). This place has walls that aren't decoupled; the panels are tight to the tyvek. Other areas are open and can drain.

So, technically, it's not a rainscreen. I think that was the idea, but it fell down on several details.

I finally found what I needed. It's gotta be Tyvek UV Facade material, and it ain't.

Found my answer.......

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I don't get it. What prevents water from seeping into the upper edges of the fiber cement panels and oozing through the hole in the WRB created by the fastener?

Even if steel furring was installed on a concrete wall, wouldn't that allow mold and yuck to grow in the airspace?

And if that cladding were installed on wood . . . ?

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