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Frequently Asked Questions

Jim Katen

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So I'm considering putting together a Frequently Asked Questions topic in the Electrical Forum. I'd like help generating a list of such questions. Some easy ones that come to mind:

Are wire nuts allowed inside an electrical panel enclosure?

When are double taps allowed and not allowed?

Can you put a GFCI on an ungrounded circuit?

How are lightning arrestors supposed to be installed?

How are doorbell transformers supposed to be installed?

If you have a 240-volt circuit with two 30-amp breakers, is that a 30-amp circuit or a 60-amp circuit?

When do panel feeders need to have 4 wires and when can they only have 3 wires?

Are you allowed to have a 15-amp receptacles on a 20-amp circuit?

Please add to the list.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Is it ok to install breakers from one manufacturer into another maufacturers panel when not listed on that panel's label. (I'm still not 100% sure on this one).

How can homes wired with aluminum branch circuits be made safe.

What panels have a history of problems.

What are the allowed fixes for open grounded 3 prong receptacles.

Can extension cords be used as appliance cords.

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Transfer switches always seem to garner a great many different opinions when they come up. And as long as the zombie topic keeps popping up, there is a dead link to an article on two wire circuits in the library that could be reanimated.

Alternatives to 2-wire (ungrounded) Receptacles

This paper contains the 1999 NEC rules for alternatives to grounding using GFCI's


Downloads: 19

Posted: Jun 26 2007

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How close to the meter does the ground wire have to be connected to the water pipe?

Is one ground rod OK or should there be two?

Can I replace the two prong receptacles with a GFCI?

Do receptacles within 6 feet of a water source have to be GFCI?

Can lights buried in insulation

Must a dedicated circuit for the fridge be GFCI (in kitchen or garage)

Do receptacles in the garage have to be 18 inches above the floor?

Can all the wires going into the panel enter through a single pipe?

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