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What is your home inspection IQ?

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A co-worker sent me a link to this little quiz.


I usually do well on tests so I was annoyed that I got one wrong.

"Evidence of Powder Post Beetles includes 1/2" Diameter exit holes."

I clicked false thinking adult lyctid exit holes are 1/32" to 1/16" diameter. Maybe they're bigger in the Midwest!

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No way; 1/2" exit holes? Uh uh.....

This is the sort of test that doesn't "test" anything, other than the test writers ability to write confusing questions.

What the heck does the following question prove?

"A cricket is to a fireplace as a valley is to intersecting roof lines." True or False?

Tests like this are kind of interesting, but also kind of goofy.

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Originally posted by Jim Katen

When you consider that the people who wrote that test actually run a school for home inspection, I'd say that it's more depressing than interesting or goofy.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

Say wha...? I figured it was some goofy test put together by an associate editor @ a generic home maintenance magazine.

Who, where, and what school are we talking about? If you don't want to post it here, email me @ kurtmitenbuler@yahoo.com

After taking part in one small aspect of developing the NHIE, I have a large amount of respect for what it takes to build a good test. This was not a good test.

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