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Man made 'guess it'.

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I'll give it up, two out of 4 responses were right.

A charitable organization that I work with had 110 containers of latex paint left over from recovery work done in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina which destroyed most of New Orleans in late August, 05'. At 4 years old, the bottoms were beginning to rust out and it was time to dispose of them. The recycling center wanted $5/per can to do so but said that if I poured the paint out and let it dry, it was legal to dump it at the landfill which would charge maybe $10 for everything. Many of the cans were full. About 20 or so quart cans, half a dozen 5 gals and the remainder were gallon sized, about 80 gallons of paint in all. I selected a low spot in my backyard, covered it with a big sheet of viscreen and over the next couple of months, I poured out 5 or 10 gallons perhaps twice a week. My plan didn't work out very well. It took nearly a year for it to dry out thru and thru.


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I am thinking that you somehow mount it, frame it, and sell it in a trendy Art Gallery. You can stand around and listen to the fancy pants critics discussing the Artist's meaning of the work.

Yes, I can see Katrina in that. It's subtle, but the essence is there. [:)]

"It's pure genius! They say he spends over a year just to create one canvas! "

"All recycled materials, too. Calls it 'Green Art'!" [:)]

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Around here a volunteer group accepted a mix of partial and/or expired paint cans from vendors and used it to apply to rural concrete bridge guards that routinely get spray paint grafitti'd by delinquent kids.

The mix I saw yielded kind of a govt green that looked better than the graffiti.

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