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on the high wire

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Probably not.

The only reason I was up there was there was/is a leak, and I got paid to find it.

It was much less daunting than the pic suggests; it was easy to get up there from a 2nd fl. deck, into a valley up to the peak, then a stroll down to the other end where the the leak was.

As I was walking down the ridge, I could see my shadow in peripheral vision, so I snapped a pic. I aimed by sense of feel, never took my eyes off my line.

If someone doesn't want to do it, that's probably smart, but since I have no other discernible skills, doing inspection work that no one else will keeps focaccia on the table.

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Upscale clients looking at houses with high/steep roofs are contacting me more than usual lately and I've been pondering the purchase of that 6K remote controlled 'copter w/camera. Better yield on investment than an infrared in my hot/humid climate.


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..where is the fiddle?

HAHAHA.....that's pretty darn funny.

If I were a rich man,

Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.....

I know it isn't the smartest thing to have done, but I'm not so smart, just determined. I don't recommend it for folks that are uncomfortable on roofs. I happen to be completely comfortable on roofs because I'm scared shitless enough to pay rapt attention to the task.

I just kept walking and hitting the shutter button; a couple of the shots turned out.

If Lamb wants it, he can have it. I'd be honored to have him do his thing with one of my images.

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