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Domain Names for Oregan Home Inspectors for Sale

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One of our inspectors has left the biz and his domain names and website are for sale. The website was done a few years ago with no recent updates but still ranks okay.



Make an offer on the names (website comes with).

Michael Brown

DevWave Software Inc.


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Just curious, but if an inspector already had a domain name and website, in what ways would owning others be beneficial?

Traffic from an established site that shows up in search engine results.

It's much more difficult now to get new domains to show up in search engines without paying for advertisements.

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Jim, if you owned those names, you could simply point them at your existing website.

Does that mean if one clicks on the purchased website, your own website could open up instead?

Yes. The name or URL simply points in whatever direction you tell it to. It's called a DNS (domain name server) or name pointing. You can buy ANY domain name (also known as a URL) and point it to any website.

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